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Have your face look its best. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons have unique training in sculpting the face and perioral regions. At Providence Oral Surgery in Waxhaw, we are passionate about your face.

We artistically apply specific facial fillers to different areas of your face to give you the fullness and tightness you're looking for. We also offer PRP facials ('Vampire facials'), where we draw your blood, concentrate the growth factors, and perform microneedling using the growth factors to induce new collagen production in your skin. The results can be tremendous with just a few sessions. It can remove small pock marks and facial imperfections, while simultaneously giving your skin a rejuvenated, vibrant appearance. And, it's all natural, from your own body.

Botox and Xeomin are minimally-invasive injectable solutions that "freeze" your facial muscles. It gives your skin a tighter, more youthful appearance. It also prevents the permanent creases that can form from overusing your facial muscles. For example, when you raise your eyebrows, your forehead becomes wrinkled, or creased. Years of this animation can leave permanent creases in that area, visible even at rest.

Both brands, Botox and Xeomin, act in the same way, and are very safe products for continued use. They start to take effect in just a few days after injection, and can remove years off your facial appearance. The effect produced by these products lasts for approximately three months. They are becoming more popular with men as well.

Visit our beautiful Waxhaw office for facial rejuvenation, you'll love the new you!



Botox Before
Botox After
After Forehead Botox
After Forehead Botox
After Lip Filler

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