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Sedation Dentistry

Anesthesia and Sedation Dentistry

At Providence Oral Surgery in Waxhaw, we offer several anesthesia and sedation dentistry options to make your experience as comfortable as possible. During your consultation appointment, our oral surgeon will provide you with detailed information regarding anesthesia.

The most basic form of anesthesia we use for procedures is "local anesthesia." In this method, we make the area numb with an injection of local anesthetic. Dr. Parelli understands that almost nobody likes "getting a needle," so he employs techniques to make the numbing process very gentle. For added comfort, we will place a numbing gel on your gums before the administration of local anesthesia.

Another option is oral sedation. In this method, we prescribe tablets to take before arrival at our office. Depending on the level of anxiety and length of the procedure, we will tailor the medication and dose, as needed. The depth of sedation can range from slightly relaxed to moderately sedated. You will need a chaperone to drive you both to the office and home once your visit is complete. You should expect to be drowsy for several hours after your return home. You should not drive or perform any important tasks until the medication has completely cleared from your system.

The next level of anesthesia we provide in our office is intravenous (I.V.) anesthesia, or intravenous sedation. You will be required to fast (not eat or drink anything) for 8 hours prior to your procedure, unless otherwise instructed by the doctor. We will usually make your appointment early in the morning so you're not hungry for too long! You will also need a chaperone to be present during your visit, as you cannot drive home afterwards. When you arrive, we will attach monitors, place an I.V. and begin sedation. This modality generally provides the highest level of comfort for procedures. Patients usually have no recollection upon awakening. 

Our board-certified Oral Surgeon, Dr. Parelli, will discuss any questions you may have about anesthesia and sedation dentistry on the day of your consultation at our Waxhaw office.

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