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What is Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)?


In the normal healing process, your immune system sends white blood cells and growth factors to the surgery site. These cells and growth factors are constituents of what we call ‘inflammation.’ Inflammation causes pain and swelling, but is one of the first steps in healing. PRF is a collection of these good cells, which gives you a ‘jump-start’ in the healing process. PRF is especially useful in patients with diabetes and other conditions that impair healing.


PRF is made from your own blood. Blood is drawn from a vein into test tubes. This blood is spun in a centrifuge until all of the unwanted cells are separated from the ‘good’ cells that we want. The layer of PRF contains white blood cells, growth factors, fibrinogen (which helps with clotting), and more.

Studies have shown that adding PRF to surgical sites, including tooth extraction sockets, bone grafts, and soft tissue defects minimizes pain, swelling, and speeds healing and recovery. It also enhances bone and soft tissue growth when and where we need it. At Providence Oral Surgery, PRF is often used during bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, dental implant placement, and occasionally in extraction sockets to reduce bleeding, pain, and swelling.

At Providence Oral Surgery in Waxhaw, our Board-Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Parelli, will discuss if PRF will be a beneficial option for you.

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